Killer Sprocket Bandit Peated Ale

Killer Sprocket

Bandit was the second release from Killer Sprocket and one that showcased both Sean Ryan’s love for building beers around malt and his habit for starting with a traditional style then running off on his singular tangent. Tagged Peated Ale, it’s one that mixes peated malt with the lighter Vienna and Pilsner varieties to create a beer that’s smoky and rich while retaining a lighter edge.

It could easily be called a Rauchbier meets pilsner or, alternatively, a smoky session ale. It pours slightly hazy with a light red hue and it’s the smoke that hits you first but, as you keep drinking, it's joined by biscuit and toffee flavours plus a pronounced spice from the German noble hops.

Will Ziebell

Peated Ale
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