Sanctus Brewing Spooks Ember Ale

Sanctus Brewing Company

Published October 7, 2020

Just south of the Clarence River, off the southern point of Spooky Beach, there’s a dangerous little reef break known as Spooks. It's the kind of spot a young grom could get into trouble, but the local surfers all know how to navigate Spooks so they don’t get ripped to shreds. And this same kind of knowledge is necessary for Spooks Ember Ale.

It seems safe enough – an Irish red ale presenting sweet toffee and biscuit on the nose, along with a waft of stone fruit hoppiness. A soft, silky body carries a flavour reminiscent of peach iced tea; it has a real easiness as it goes down, with only a lick of bitterness keeping you from necking the whole thing in one gulp. But this peach iced tea isn’t soft; it’s hiding 6.5 percent of alcohol, which would be enough to wreck you if you knocked back a four-pack of this without thinking.

Don't be a grommet. Be aware of Spooks.

James Smith

Irish Red Ale
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