Redoak American Pale Ale

Redoak Boutique Beer Cafe

One of the back rooms at Redoak Boutique Beer Cafe is called The Hop Room. There’s information about hops written on one of the walls, a giant hop hanging from a chandelier, and even the wallpaper is a photographic mural of a hop field. The Redoak team aren’t shy when it comes to their love of hops.

Their American Pale Ale backs this up in the style of a West Coast pale ale from the 2000s. It’s full of super clean citrus character, giving punchy shavings of zest but still finishing crisp. There’s nothing at all harsh here – the luxuriously slow head hints at the smoothness of this beer in the mouth – but a nippy bitterness at the end ensures the hops have the final say.

Mick Wust

American Pale Ale
Redoak Boutique Beer Cafe

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