Nail Brewing NBT Pale v9: Sabro

Nail Brewing

Published November 4, 2020

Nail’s continuing exploration of hops within the NBT series, which is designed to help them find the perfect pale ale with drinkers' assistance, arrives at batch #9 with Sabro Lupo Max as its centrepiece. This is a concentrated hop pellet version of hops, designed to remove vegetive matter to make it easier for brewers to extract a pure expression of the hop's innate character. The idea is that less hops are thus needed in the beer but, in typical Nail fashion, they’ve carried on with their normal hopping regime, which has rendered #9 with a pronounced character.

Sabro’s influence drips with coconut cream, mango touches and lemon / lime citrus, creating quite a modern take on a beer which has its origins in Nail Ale, itself a straightforward Australian pale in the Coopers mould. As with previous editions, the base beer here is designed with sessionabilty in mind, and to stay out of the way, so to speak, from the hop expression, with drinkers invited to let the Nail team know what they think via the QR on the can.

Guy Southern

Single Hop Pale Ale
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