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Published December 11, 2020

According to the label for this sour, Side By Side is a collaboration that's been three years in the making, indicating the family behind Braeside Brewing were plotting well before they'd even opened the doors of their brewpub. Their collaborators are team at bottleshop-meets-bar Far Side Beers, and the beer they set out to create together is a dry-hopped sour featuring two of the newest varieties from Victorian-based hop breeder and grower Ellerslie Hop.

Those hops – Astra and Melba – go to work with the 3.5 percent ABV sour stone fruit aromas and a soft acidity on nose, then more stone fruit to taste. Indeed, in combination with a light malt sweetness, the effect is akin to a sponge-soaked, fruit-topped summer pudding. In terms of sourness, it's in "lightly quenching tang" more than "bracingly sour" territory, with a wee bit of dusty dryness completing the picture.

James Smith

Dry-Hopped Sour

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