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Over the past few years, craft beer and gin have walked a very similar path and both drinks have transformed from there being limited variations and turned into booming industries where the flavours are incredibly diverse and where the local producers are many. Bringing beer and gin closer together is Killer Sprocket’s Andrea Ryan, whose love for the flavours found in gin led her to brew the pale ale with juniper berries, Hey Juniper.

Built on a base that includes both crystal and Vienna malt, it’s a pale with quite a deep amber and where the Amarillo and Cascade hops drives notes of pine, orange rind and spice. The juniper berries are impressively well-integrated with those hop notes, adding to the pine a soft touch of pepper and for a beer that bridges the gap between brewing and distilling while remaining close to a classic pale ale.

Pale Ale With Juniper
50 IBU
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