Bridge Road Brewers Very Berry Sour

Bridge Road Brewers

Released February 19, 2021

To bid summer 2020/21 farewell, Bridge Road have packed 500 kilograms into a beer to create a Very Berry Sour. Released in a bright purple and pink tin, the beer itself isn't quite as brightly coloured in the glass though its red and pink tint isn't far off - and probably as close to bright purple as you’d want something you put in your mouth to be.

Those kilos of fruit that were thrown in are a blend of boysenberry, blackberry, raspberry and strawberry that sit atop a gose base and while Very Berry might be a long way from traditional, its minerality and slightly salty edge still strikes through the beer's sweeter fruit notes. The mix of five berries blend together quite harmoniously with no one berry distinctively leading the charge and while the brewery has called it ultra-jammy, the colour, tartness and quite a soft body took my mind closer to berry danish territory.

Will Ziebell

Berry Gose
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