Rocks Brewing Alexandria Lager

Rocks Brewing Co

Released February 19, 2021

Yikes. Even compared to other lagers, this is impressively easy to drink.

The aroma of Alexandria Lager gives off subtle banana bread vibes, like the cafe up the road is baking a loaf and there’s a gentle breeze bringing the smell your way. While this beer is made in the style of a German pilsner, there’s a little more malt sweetness here than many pilsners carry, but somehow it still has a clean character to rival the trickling water of a mountain stream. It’s soft and slinky like silk pyjamas, or your favourite well-worn shirt moving in the summer breeze - light-bodied with low carbonation, yet not watery.

Alexandria Lager is a beer you could find yourself getting familiar with. You might even find yourself calling it Al.

Mick Wust

German Pilsner
4.5% ABV
20 IBU
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