Wolf Of The Willows Inner Vision

Wolf of the Willows

Released February 22, 2021

When all of Victoria was forced into its third, albeit just five-day, lockdown, there was a pretty glum feeling of déjà vu circulating in the air. We’d seen all this before haven’t we? How long’s this one going to go for?

Fortunately, it was as short as promised and, for some, the five days at home were a good time to look inside, reflect, and maybe return to one of those favourite isolation projects of 2020.

For Wolf of the Willows, their first release of 2021 was already set to be a return to a favourite from last year: the 8.1 percent ABV Double Vision. That beer’s been given a limited run little sibling: the lighter-on-its-feet but still heavily-hopped and hazy Inner Vision. The combination of Mosaic, Amarillo and Enigma provides an aroma akin to pinot gris, with notes of lime and pear appearing from the glass, but dive into the well and Inner Vision is more fruit salad, with grapefruit, orange juice, mango and nectarine all swirling together. Like the beer’s artwork, there’s a bit of a beast to Inner Vision too, with a slightly greener, biting hop character lurking within.

Will Ziebell

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