Stomping Ground & Hector's Deli Lunchtime Lager

Stomping Ground Brewing Co

Released February 25, 2021

Picture the scene. The sun’s shining, you’ve escaped the office for your lunchbreak and right now, going back inside is the last thing on your mind. You’ve got a tuna melt in one hand, warm enough for the cheese to slowly oozes out in an escape but cool enough that you can enjoy large mouthfuls without each bite scalding the roof of your mouth. In your other hand, is a beer. But what’s the perfect beer?

It’s a question that Stomping Ground and Hector’s Deli have tried to answer with their collaboration, Lunchtime Lager. The Richmond shop has built a following for its classic and simple sandwiches made incredibly well and to wash those tasty sandwiches down, this is the beer they've come up with. At 3.6 percent ABV the idea is that you can enjoy it before heading back into work and that drinking it won't take away from either the meal or the afternoon's meetings. Pouring crystal clear with a straw hue, light floral and lemon notes float out thanks to the Saaz hops and there's a decent bit of still of bitterness in there too for what's effectively a mid-strength pilsner you could enjoy multiple times over. But you can't: the sandwich is over and your meeting awaits.

Will Ziebell

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