Pioneer Brewing Co Pale Ale

Pioneer Brewing

From the inviting hop aroma to the warm greeting of the first sip, this pale ale captures the essence of a welcoming bar with a friendly bartender.

“Hi there. Fancy a beer? Take a seat. I'll bring one right out.”

So you pull up a piney bar stool, smiling at the quaintness of the fruity pattern on the cushion, and are pleasantly surprised by how comfortable it is.

A clear sky – not a cloud, not a bird, not a blemish – has you staring out the window, and you know your face must be a picture of contentment.

The bitterness is present but unobtrusive, like the quiet guy sitting in the corner looking at his beer like it's his best friend in the world.

A clean and dry finish means there's no stickiness on your table – it’s been well tended to. Before you know it your glass is empty, and is promptly whisked away with a smile and a kind word, and you instantly find yourself ready to order another.

And you know the kindly bartender will be happy to oblige.

Mick Wust

Pale Ale
Pioneer Brewing

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