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I spent an inordinate amount of time googling European pastries and biscuits while writing about this beer. It began when my drinking buddy described the malty aroma as being "like a stroopwafel". I didn’t know what a stroopwafel was. I now know what a stroopwafel is. I also know about pizzelle, poffertjes, speculaas, oliebollen, and krumkake.

But that’s just a delicious tangent. Because while this IPA begins with a sniff of stroopwafel, it doesn’t end there.

Major Mitchell’s cockatoo is recognised by its pink and white feathers and a splash of red and yellow in its crest; the hoppy plumage of Major Mitchell IPA is divided between grapefruit peel and resin, with a splash of sweet pawpaw and piney bitterness to top it off. As it soars away, it leaves a scattering of resiny feathers behind; as well as, you know, the sweetness of the stroopwafel.

Thank you for being tolerant of my horrendously mixed pastry/bird metaphor.

Mick Wust

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