Pioneer Brewing Co Amber Ale

Pioneer Brewing

An amber ale that drinks like a session barleywine? Yes, please.

While it obviously doesn’t have the intense punch of a barleywine, this amber ale carries that same sweet and sophisticated richness. If you've ever had the pleasure of smelling toffee malt – grabbing a handful before it goes into the mash tun or, even better, sticking your face into the opening of the malt sack and breathing in – then this beer will take you right back there.

It’s sticky date pudding sauce.

It’s a brandy in a balloon glass, paired with a square of chocolate and a pull on a cigar.

It’s the opening of the drawer of an old writing desk.

It’s more bitter than Jeeves when he finds out his Christmas bonus is just a pair of socks.

Mick Wust

Amber Ale
Pioneer Brewing

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