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A regional brewery’s lager will always have some serious weight on its shoulders; if you’re going to serve up to people who have been working long hours of manual labour, you’ve got to know you’re giving them liquid relief to their toil.

Right from the name, Stockman’s Lager gets that.

Seeing it sit in the glass clear as anything is like looking through a yellow dew drop. Inhale deeply and enjoy the smell of a bowl of granola toasted with a little golden syrup, with those same sweet malts hanging around in the mouth just long enough to tie in with the bitter edge it brings at the finish.

But don’t go expecting something complicated. It’s simple in the way an Aussie lager’s meant to be, drinking lighter than the 4.6 percent ABV it holds. It cuts through the thirst and the heat and the sweat like it was made for it.

This is the beer you have with your meat pie after a stretch of working in the sun. (If you’re lucky enough to get your hands on a pie made with Pioneer’s own beer, all the better.)

Mick Wust

Aussie Lager
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