Pioneer Brewing Co White IPA, Red Rye IPA & Session Blonde Ale

Pioneer Brewing

Released December 1, 2020

For the month of their third birthday – December 2020 – Pioneer celebrated by releasing a trilogy of beers.

The first was a White IPA, as Pete Gerber dipped into a style we don’t see very often. When you take the refreshing nature of a Belgian wheat beer and hop it up to boost the aromatics, you’re bound to get a layered sensory combination. In this case, a misty pastel yellow body gives off the spicy iodine aroma of a peated whisky held at arm’s length, a crisp citrus sweetness, and a hint of candied banana. Each sip is moreish and dry, building towards a slight earthiness that whisks you off to the farmland of Pioneer Brewing.

Next in the series came a Red Rye IPA, which looks almost reddish-brown until you hold it up to the light and reveal the deep amber shining through. Rather than the rich toffee and caramel of many reds, this beer boasts stewed dark fruits, rye toast with a scraping of golden syrup, and a light roastiness to join the hop bitterness. As you finish the glass of fruit and toast, you’re left wondering if you just had breakfast and need to get some work done, but with a warm haze in your bones that says there’s no chance of that happening.

Even though it was the last to be released, the Session Blonde Ale sold out too quickly for this writer to get his hands on some. But maybe its popularity tells us everything we need to know about this smasher.

Mick Wust

White IPA, Red Rye IPA, Session Blonde Ale
4.8% & 6.6% & 5.0%
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