Aether Brewing El Jefe Mexican Lager

Aether Brewing

Published April 20, 2021

Lagers make for excellent social drinks - many of us remember being introduced to lagers by our friends at a party, ordering lagers at the pub and chatting with the bar staff, sinking lagers at the family barbecue while our younger cousins try to get us to jump in the pool and play water polo (which we rebut by offering to be the umpire from our spot on the pool lounge).

But while El Jefe is a fine beer for the above scenarios, it’s also just right for sipping when there’s not a single other person in sight.*

This Mexican lager was added to Aether's core range in April 2021 and shines with the pale yellow of the beating sun in the desert; it’s as clear as the bare sky that scares away every cloud; it’s as clean as the endless road is clear of cars. The use of corn and agave give El Jefe its light body, its crisp dryness, and the gentle sweetness of a freshly pressed tortilla.

And as an added bonus, the character on the label looks like Jeff Winger from Community wearing his aviators and dressed like a vaquero. That’s a selling point in my book.

Mick Wust

*Though I may be biased, as I just got back from a few days in the South Australian outback and I’m now looking at every beer and thinking, “Could I drink this in the desert?”

Mexican Lager
20 IBU
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