Sanctus Brewing Sweet Disposition IPA

Sanctus Brewing Company

Released April 21, 2021

This is a beer that rewards slow, considered drinking.

If you’ve ever spent hours staring into the orange flames of a lively brazier and let your thoughts drift away with the sparks, then you know what it's like to stare into the heart of this beer.

Once you’re ready to move to the next stage - assuming that time comes - indulge your nose in the sticky gluttony of an iced caramel bun. But here, too, you must persuade yourself to keep moving forward to the main event. Because when this drink finally makes it into your mouth, the burning flame and butterscotch sweetness make way for the bite of sucking on orange peel and passionfruit rind.

Fruity and bitter and a little sharp, yet never losing its sweet and syrupy nature, Sweet Disposition is an experience that won’t stop til it’s over.

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