Molly Rose Brewing Artist Series: Underground Summer

Molly Rose Brewing

Released May 6, 2021

Collingwood-based Molly Rose join the ranks of breweries celebrating the arts through beer can design with the launch of their Artist Series. They've done so in the company of Collingwood neighbours Studio TunTun, inviting them to design the labels for Underground Summer, another farmhouse ale featuring tea from the prolific brewer.

Here, it's a grisette base layered with carrot (yes, carrot), ginger and black tea: a hazy golden pour that's herbaceous, floral and farmhouse all in one. It brings back memories of visiting Sri Lankan tea plantations two decades ago, well, if they'd served a platter of spiced festive treats with their Orange Pekoe... High on spice, low on funk, this is one you can imagine having fun with Asian food.

James Smith

Spiced Grisette
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