Rocky Ridge Bla Bla Blueberry & Pine Ridge

Rocky Ridge Brewing Co

Published May 7, 2021

Rocky Ridge continue their onslaught of creative releases in 2021 with the release of a "thicc" fruited sour brewed with blueberry, vanilla, oak and lactose, and a bold 8.5 percent ABV West Coast DIPA… with pine needles in the mix.

Bla Bla Blueberry is aptly described as thicc – it's densely creamy and entirely unsafe for vegans. The 260kg of blueberry juice add a striking, pale purple colour as well as bolstering acidity and lending a blueberry and dark fruit complexity. Oak rounds things out a touch and melds with the sweet vanilla character. The 8.5 percent ABV is easy to miss, but is on par with the OTT character of this decadent, delicious brew.

Pine Ridge, on the other hand, is almost subdued in character. A collab with Black Hops launched aft Froth Town, it's notably balanced and easy-drinking, with Centennial, Zappa, Mosiac, Rakau, Citra and Strata combining to create complex a hop character that includes pine, grassiness, citrus, red berry, mango and ripe rockmelon. Although pine needles were added in the lauter, they don't seem to add to much noteworthy under all those hops. A clean base beer with a lasting finish and a mellow yeast profile ensures ease of drinking.

Jono Outred

Blueberry Cream Sour & West Coast DIPA
Both 8.5%
10 IBU & 80 IBU
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