Rocky Ridge Pillow Talk

Rocky Ridge Brewing Co

Published May 24, 2021

A cold, dreary autumn in WA’s South West has prompted the team at Rocky Ridge to kick off their winter warmer offerings a touch early, and for those seeking out the decadence of adjunct-laden stouts, Pillow Talk is a beer with equal parts bold flavour and drinkable poise.

Generously laced with spearmint and peppermint, Pillow Talk is a classic Irish stout. Although typically we expect a stout in 2021 to be loaded with lactose, candy and baked goods, Pillow Talk is surprisingly restrained in nature, with a clean and quaffable base beer fine-tuned only with the aforementioned herbs, plus a touch of oat for body and mouthfeel.

On tasting, the aroma is sweet spearmint and chocolate while more robust characters of bitter cacao, caramel and coffee are upfront on the palate. A minty aftertaste is persistent, but not overwhelming after each sip, while a modest bitterness and slick mouthfeel carry a unified chocolate mint flavour into each subsequent sip. Though reminiscent of an after-dinner mint, Pillow Talk is an appropriate beer of choice at any time of day (or night).

Jono Outred

Choc Mint Irish Stout
35 IBU
Rocky Ridge Brewing Co

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