Brewmanity Mouth Of The South Draught


Published September 16, 2021

Just a couple of months on from locking in their brewpub home in South Melbourne, Brewmanity have decided to create a tribute to that home with Mouth of the South. Designed as a classic Australian draught, the beer’s a straightforward and arguably no-nonsense one but it launched with a campaign featuring no shortage of nonsense, thanks largely to the inclusion of some of the biggest celebrities south of the Yarra.

The beer itself is designed with all Australian ingredients and aims to pay tribute not just to Melbourne’s south but the classic beers consumed in the area’s old boozers. It means there’s a soft malt character that’s slight bready or grainy, a very soft touch of spice and more floral notes, plus a substantial bitterness. In other words, it’s the kind of beer likely to travel south down your mouth fairly quickly.

Will Ziebell

Australian Draught

Brewing at Colonial Port Melbourne
89 Bertie St
Port Melbourne 3207

(03) 9525 6143