Wolf of the Willows Full Moon Party & Golden Hour In LA

Wolf of the Willows

Released October 1, 2021

Just as many of us are looking forward to booking a long haul flight, Wolf of the Willows have unveiled the Escape Series, beers designed to whisk us away. First up is Full Moon Party, which aims to transport you to Thailand and, while it might be the smaller of the two in terms of ABV, there’s a broad mix of flavours at play in a beer that’s ready to be enjoyed from a bucket on the beach. The 3.8 percent ABV mango pale ale doesn’t just contain the named tropical fruit but also salt and, given there's a gripping tartness as well, think of Full Moon as hazy pale meets fruited gose. The addition of Galaxy hops adds to the collection of tropical fruits, leaning towards pulpy passionfruit and helping ensure that, if you close your eyes long enough, you may well be transported.

From Ko Pha-ngan, the journey then heads to America for Golden Hour in LA, a hoppy lager that’s a lighter affair than Full Moon in almost every way, despite being the larger of the two at 5 percent ABV. A combination of Warrior, Centennial and the experimental hop NZH-107 leave you with spice, floral and light grapefruit rind and pawpaw characters, plus a little diesel before it finishes with quite a biting bitterness.

Will Ziebell

Mango Pale Ale & Lo-Cal Lager
3.8% & 5.0%
Wolf of the Willows

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