Two Birds Wild Thing

Two Birds Brewing (Lion/Kirin)

Published October 18, 2021

Having grown up in Perth, Geraldton Wax was a regular sight for Two Birds co-founder Jayne Lewis. The flowing native shrubs’ small and stiff petals would appear in the backyard of her childhood home towards the end of each winter, signalling the season's end and the arrival of spring. But the inception of the brewery’s spring 2021 Flights of Fancy release, Wild Thing, can be traced to a more recent moment. It was at Yarraville’s fine diner, Navi, where Jayne tried a sorbet made with Geraldton Wax and was immediately reminded of her childhood and home.

Wild Thing is a sour beer in which Geraldton Wax completely shines, pouring with a subtle sourness and zest of citrus driven by both the native and Citra hops. Along with that citrus, there’s a slight farmhouse note and a broader yet difficult to define aroma that sits somewhere in the territory of perfume but also not too far from a bittersweet aperitif.

Will Ziebell

Geraldton Wax Sour
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