Vale Brewing Margarita Sour

Vale Brewing

Published November 15, 2021

Vale's brewers once again reach deep into parent company Bickford’s huge portfolio and pluck out another spirit to play with, in this case tequila. They've enjoyed success in the past merging the two worlds, firstly with the Bearded Lady bourbon and an imperial stout, then 23rd Street gin in a sour, before showcasing Beenleigh Spiced Rum in a porter. For the fourth iteration, they've combined El Toro tequila, triple sec and a little lime and salt atop a sour base beer, nailing the margarita sour brief that they intended.

In their previous beer-spirits hybrids, the spirit character has been muted, but this time round the tequila is more pronounced without preventing the balance and blend of ingredients working in harmony to create a familiar margarita taste. The tequila hits your first first, before the lime chimes in with a touch of orange citrus from Amarillo and Mosaic hops before the salt joins the party. The beer's sour side is quite sharp but adds to its refreshing nature, aided by a crisp dry clip of a finish.

Matt King

Margarita Sour
Vale Brewing

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