2 Halfs G.E.E. Hazy

2 Halfs Brewing Distilling

Meet G.E.E. Hazy, a hazy pale ale made on all Aussie hops. A blend of Galaxy, Enigma and Eclipse come together in a citrus spritz with a tropical tang and mild bitterness.

Like all hoppy beers, G.E.E. goes through a transformation over time. If you drank it earlier, you’d get a sweeter, more viscous beer. A little later, and you’d find it’s a cleaner summer beer. But you can’t go wrong either way. This gentle juice is a paragon of easy-drinking – G.E.E. is easier to sink than a dinghy made of Swiss cheese.

This is proof that a brewery in Australia that specialises in European beers can still make a very Aussie beer.

Mick Wust

Hazy Pale Ale
2 Halfs Brewing Distilling

2 Stokes Avenue
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