Rocky Ridge Foeder Aged Pilsner & Starman

Rocky Ridge Brewing Co

Published December 21, 2021

Amid a slew of seasonal releases from the ever-busy Rocky Ridge team comes a couple of particularly noteworthy brews released in time for the summer holidays.

One is Rocky Ridge’s trusty Pilsner, brewed as normal but then stored in a recently acquired ex-Cognac foeder. After primary fermentation in stainless tank, this light and bready pils spent two months in the refurbished 65-year-old vessel, imparting delicate sweet oak and vanilla notes. The otherwise straight forward lager has developed depth of flavour and some subtle complexities, with Foeder Aged Pilsner available in 500ml cans and perfect for warm summer evenings.

Starman, on the other hand, is the brewery's latest single hop DDH IIPA. Strata is the hop of a choice, one that's certainly having a moment in 2021, and tropical is the MO. Big pineapple and mango notes dominate alongside some gentle berry character, while citrus and pine are just present as well. A rounded and integrated bitterness is well placed and the 8.5 percent ABV is just noticeable, while the striking, burnt orange pour is hard to miss.

As is the way in the Rocky Ridge camp, a notable polarity between multiple, simultaneously-released beers is both welcomed and an impressive feat!

Jono Outred

Foeder-Aged Pilsner & DDH IIPA
4.8% & 8.5%
Rocky Ridge Brewing Co

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