Rocky Ridge Christmas 2021 Quad Drop

Rocky Ridge Brewing Co

Published December 23, 2021

For Christmas 2021, the team at Rocky Ridge rather generously brewed not just one, but four Christmassy beers to ensure an extra happy holiday for their fans, with all four inspired by the things that make the Christmas season joyous!

To start with, drawing inspiration from one of Australia’s most controversial claims to fame, is a pavlova version of the existing Shake and Bake, with ten times the amount of fruit as the last batch. Still brewed in collaboration with Mane Liquor, Shake and Bake is heavy with sweet berry and kiwi fruit notes that linger through a long, creamy finish.

To follow, A Trifle Unnecessary boasts big notes of sweet vanilla underpinned by gentle peach and strawberry characters. Keep an eye on the 9 percent ABV however, which easily flies under the radar in this particularly creamy, sweet affair.

The Mimosa Sour, as expected, exhibits a good hit of acid, reinforced by zesty orange and a moderate, lasting finish in which acid and pulpy OJ flavours stick around. A reserved 4 percent ABV ensures a few Mimosas can be had this Chrissy! [Surely, this should have been first – for brekkie – Jono! – Editor]

Lastly, comes the Christmas Cake Quad. Landing at 12 percent ABV, it’s certainly one to take your time with, which isn’t such a bad thing as you appreciate the complex caramel, stewed fruits and toffee layered with Belgian yeast esters and a long, sticky finish. An addition of raisins and spices might go unnoticed initially, but after sitting and allowing the beer to warm slightly, all of that Christmas cake character truly starts to be unlocked.

The releases come thick and fast from the Rocky Ridge camp, but as is typically the case the quality of this quartet, released as a set, makes for a delightful Christmas present – especially if you're buying for yourself.

Jono Outred

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