All Inn Brewing Lager

All Inn Brewing

In the past, All Inn’s core range lager was a Euro style pale lager hovering at five percent ABV and characterised by a hit of malt sweetness. While still sitting firmly in the pale lager category, the current iteration is a different beast: a new world lager that sits at 4.2 percent.

A lighter body means there’s more room to shine for the spattering of New Zealand hops – all Motueka, all the way. There’s a tang of citrus edged with other fruits to go along with the bready wash of Pilsner malt, all wrapped up neatly with a sigh of bitterness. Easy to drink, but not at all flavourless.

Mick Wust

New World Lager
All Inn Brewing

189 Elliott Road
QLD 4014

1300 462 739
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