All Inn Brewing Red IPA

All Inn Brewing

There are two halves to this beer.

The first is everything you expect in a good red IPA. It’s a deep rust colour with an off white head. It’s sticky malt and bright fruit floating in tandem out of the mouth of the glass. It’s the flavour of that caramelised burnt toffee you get drizzled over your dessert at a wedding, the mouthful of resin and dried mango and candied orange, the hit of bitterness.

The second half of this beer isn’t that of a hefty red monster, though. It doesn’t leave a sticky residue or chewiness that chocks your teeth. Rather than the sensory cling of chomping into a toffee, there’s a softer finish more like the final bite of a sponge cake: delicious, but leaving your mouth free and clear and ready for whatever’s next on the menu.

Mick Wust

All Inn Brewing

189 Elliott Road
QLD 4014

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