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This beer has experienced quite the journey, which you can read about in the Banks rebrand story here. In short, it started out as a limited release with a pun on a famous actor's name, and has since become a core range offering without a pun on a famous actor's name. The beer remains pretty much the same as first time out, however, when we said of it...

They love a play on words at Mr Banks and McConaughaze – the name given to a DDH hazy pale that has made a couple of appearances in 2019 – is up there with our favourites. The beer inside the limited run of cans released in the lead into Christmas 2019 us up there with our favourite Mr Banks beers too. Very, very pale, it's one of the most easy-drinking of hazy pales we've come across. Aromas flit from lemon-lime-mandarin citrus to a touch of chalkiness, while it's grapefruit and lime all the way to taste, with a pinch of bitey bitterness for added refreshment.

DDH Hazy Pale
Banks Brewing

12 Hi-Tech Place
VIC 3198

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