Black Arts Table Beer

Black Arts Brewers & Blenders

Published April 12, 2022

Table beer joined Black Arts’ core range in 2022 and like many beers from the small Melbourne outfit, the beer’s very much inspired by classic styles from Belgium. More specifically, it’s designed for sharing across a table with friends, with the 3.5 percent ABV low enough that you might choose to crack it during lunch over dinner.

Pouring with a slight pink hue and quite an enthusiastic carbonation, those fruit flavours are a mix of berries without any sweetness, with hints of strawberry, raspberry and redcurrant. With a very subtle tartness and light, yeast-derived esters, as with many saisons, Table Beer feels like the kind of drink you could pair with anything that might come across the table too, whether that’s cheeses, a hearty roast or the hommus and crackers you regrettably fill up on while waiting for the mains to be done.

Will Ziebell

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