Range Brewing Full Circle #3, Without Doubt & River City Pils

Pale Ale, IPA & Pilsners
4.8%, 6.5%, 5.3%

Range Brewing’s release schedule never exactly seems to slow down but these four beers from April 2022 quite nicely capture the brewery’s ethos. Full Circle is the third iteration of the fundraising beer, with support this year going to Range’s mates at Loop Growers, who Range have been sending their grain to since thei very first beer. The Queensland farm uses closed-loop and sustainable practices to grow organic fruit and veg but unfortunately, a lot of that infrastructure was washed away by the recent Queensland floods. So buying the beer not only helps that farm recover some of those losses but gives you the chance to enjoy a hazy pale filled with Sabro Lupomax, Citra and Motueka which provide a punchy mix of pineapple, orange, melon, coconut and lime against a smooth and soft base.

Without Doubt is an IPA that sees Range go particularly heavy on the oats, with more than half the overall mash bill including malted and flaked oats. It creates a big, ultra-smooth and slick mouthfeel for Mosaic Lupomax, Citra Cryo, Centennial and Citra to get to work with a tropical mash-up of ripe mango, passionfruit, papaya, lychee and some citrus, with the softest pine and resin lingering with each sip.

Finally, that brings us to the River City Pils siblings, with one using Germany’s traditional Mittelfruh and the other featuring America’s far less historic Citra. Although they're named for the Brisbane River (a remarkable fact given what it did to Range’s home in February) you won’t see either beer pouring the same murky brown with both the a sparkling straw colour. Starting with River City Pils, the Mittelfruh provides spiced, noble hop aromas while the malt base is one of slightly rich bready notes that soon washes away into a dry and crisp finish. Unsurprisingly, while River City Pils: Citra has that same biscuity, bitter and clean combination, it also provides an extra hit of peach, grapefruit and a touch of pine.

Will Ziebell

Published April 13, 2022

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