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Temple Brewing

Published May 3, 2022

Russell Crowe. Keith Urban. Barnaby Joyce.

Some of Australia’s biggest celebrities are actually New Zealanders and it’s not something that ever seems to bother us too much (well, except when issues involving the last person in that last came before the High Court). If you were being kind, you might say it’s because the close bond between the two countries makes such differences meaningless but arguably, it’s more likely due to a desire from Australians to take credit for some of New Zealand’s biggest talents (again, the Barnaby example doesn’t necessarily work so well here). Temple Brewing certainly aren’t taking credit for anything New Zealand-born and are instead celebrating the close affinity between the countries with Thongs & Jandals.

The DDH Hazy IPA combines Australia’s Eclipse and Vic Secret hops with Motueka and Riwaka from across The Ditch and together, those hops provide juicy notes of passionfruit and melon, with a more zesty mandarin and slightly resinous pine. It all makes for a fitting addition to the hazy releases Temple have quietly been building a name for since only releasing their first in 2020. Moreover, given they created a hazy series not too long ago Thongs & Jandals feels like the kind of beer should kick off another series. Thongs, Jandals & Flip Flops anyone?

Will Ziebell

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