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Parched Brewery

Carl, the owner of Parched, asked his graphic designer friend Anthony if he’d design the logo for the brewery. He agreed, and Carl was so pleased with the result that he wanted to brew a sour in Ant’s honour. When he asked Ant what flavour he wanted, Ant answered: “I want a red one!” Creative types, huh? They make everything difficult.†

The base for Sunset Sour is similar to stablemate Tewy’s Misery, but soured and with pomegranate thrown in to bring the colour and extra fruity tartness. Carl rose to Ant’s challenge and this beer is a red one indeed – the striking hue seems to shine with an inner glow, like the jewelled innards of a pomegranate itself.

Mick Wüst

†No hate mail please - this is sarcastic self-deprecation.

Pomegranate Sour
Parched Brewery

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