Parched Tewy's Misery Australian Pale Ale

Parched Brewery

When I looked at the glass of Tewy’s Misery in front of me, shining bright like a glass of golden sap, I had an idea of what I’d be getting. I was wrong.

This beer played out as a bit of a shapeshifter for me. The first thing it offered up was a sweet rockmelon aroma, so I expected those notes to enter my mouth and float around in my upper palate. Instead, this light and refreshing hop character was fairly subdued in the mouth, and instead this beer shifted to rich notes of sweet biscuits browning around the edge, picking up a crunch of bitterness along the way.

What I expected? Nope. Intrigued me and paired well with a sweet curry? Absolutely.

Mick Wüst

Aussie Pale Ale
Parched Brewery

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