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Published June 14, 2022

The beginning of an affogato is very different to the end of an affogato.

The beginning of this simple Italian treat is a game of contrasts as the fresh espresso and the vanilla ice cream clash wildly with each other: hot versus cold; oily versus creamy; wildly bitter versus intensely sweet. But the end of an affogato is a smooth and thick puddle, the flavours of vanilla and coffee joining together neatly like when you’re using Photoshop and you merge the once-disparate layers to create a unified image; if you’ve done it right, it’s hard to see how this was ever anything other than a single flowing photo.

All Inn’s iForgoto is like the end of an affogato. The nitro head pours dark and dense like chocolate mousse, promising exactly the level of decadence you’re about to experience. The intensity of the coffee aroma is matched only by how intensely smooth this eight percent ABV affogato stout goes down. Like hot and cold water running together to create the perfectly warm shower, the rich sweetness and coffee bitterness in this beer join before they even hit your tongue so that you only experience them in combination – a satisfying union.

As for the name? All Inn originally designed this recipe for GABS festival, but then forgot to submit it in time since they were knee-deep in a rebrand at the time. Oops.

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