Temple Brewing x Market Lane Starry Sky

Temple Brewing

Published July 29, 2022

Temple’s home of Brunswick East is a pretty good place for drinking craft beer but the Melbourne suburb does just as well when it comes to coffee. Indeed, right by the brewery sits Market Lane Coffee’s head office and roastery and the two manufacturers of delicious drinks felt it was time to work on a big beer together. That big beer is Starry Sky, an imperial Irish stout made with Brazilian coffee beans sourced by Market Lane.

It might be thanks to the beans themselves, it could be the amount used or maybe it's thanks to the van Gogh artwork but what ever way it's happened - there’s a big hit of coffee that comes across from the beer. Indeed, the intensity makes it almost like knocking back a perfectly poured, espresso shot that’s filled with a fragrant mix of hazelnut, dark cherry and brown sugar. Underlying all those fresh coffee flavours is rich dark chocolate, a viscous body and a dry finish.

Will Ziebell

Imperial Irish Stout
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