Killer Sprocket Knight Fall & Shiny

Killer Sprocket

Published September 2, 2022

Craft beer cans might often tell a story but these two by Killer Sprocket feel like they're part of a graphic novel I’d very much like to read. Knight Fall is a limited-release schwarzbier that's Sprocket's first ever lager and pays homage to the iconic Batman series while flicking between rich chocolate notes and a lighter side. The dark lager’s first wave is one of cacao and tobacco with earthy or herbal punch joining a roasted edge before that clean and crisp finish sets you up for the next chapter.

That next chapter is Shiny, a coffee IPA that might not be prehistoric but dates back to 2016 when it was brewed for GABS. The beer’s name stems from the shiny appearance of the beans from Tin Man coffee roasters, while the beer's IPA side captures a lot of the classic West Coast flavours of resin, pine and floral hops which share the page with roasted espresso notes, dried dark fruits and a malt-led sweetness.

Will Ziebell

Schwarzbier & Coffee IPA
4.9% & 5.5%
Killer Sprocket

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