Black Brewing & Kuld Creamery Hazelnut Affogato Ice Cream Stout

Black Brewing Co

Published September 15, 2022

Black Brewing’s longstanding collaborative relationship with Kuld Creamery has produced another luscious dessert-inspired beer: this time a Hazelnut Affogato pastry stout, which debuted at Froth Town 2022 – in ice cream float form if the drinker desired.

For this release, cold brew coffee, amaretto and sweet vanilla are layered on top of a stout base beer. Despite its restrained 4 percent ABV, malt complexity is still present with plenty of toasty malt, bitter chocolate and a hint of caramel. A long finish – likely due in part to lactose and some residual sugar – carries coffee and nutty notes in a sweet and generous offering that, thanks to that low-for-pastry-stouts ABV, is still very approachable

Jono Outred

Pastry Stout
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