Land & Sea Japanese Rice Lager

Land & Sea

This beer first came into being as a collab. In 2019, Land & Sea approached the crew from Thomas Surfboards about brewing a beer together. The Thomas crew said rice lagers from Japan were their jam, so the brewers designed a crisp rice lager. Land & Sea ran the beer for a year, and it was such a hit with the punters that they made the call to welcome it into the core range as the Japanese Rice Lager.

A slight whiff of honey brings a smile to your face, then gets out of the way when you’re ready to throw back. In the mouth, it’s all light and smooth, gliding across the palate with a tingle of bubbles before disappearing from memory the moment you’ve swallowed it. The addition of rolled rice (instead of the cheaper rice syrup) is to credit for that crisp and moreish texture.

As head brewer Shane describes it: “Bone dry, sparkling - perfect Queensland patio beer.”

Mick Wüst

Japanese Rice Lager
18 IBU
Land & Sea

19 Venture Drive
QLD 4566

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