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Purvis Cellars is one of Australia’s pioneers when it comes to bottleshops and good beer. Since opening in Surrey Hills back in 2001, the store has been kept well stocked with an ever-changing and expansive lineup of beer, wines and spirits. 

Nearly a decade later, the man behind the store, Craig Purvis, went on to open Purvis Beer in Richmond, a proverbial playground for beer nerds that’s consistently had one of the broadest ranges of both Australian and international beers in its fridges and on shelves, whether they’re new releases or Old World classics.

Eager to get the range of beers on offer at the stores into the hands of beer lovers who don’t call Melbourne’s east home, and with so many people buying pretty much everything online, they gave the Purvis Beer website a new lease on life late in 2018.

Hundreds of beers are neatly categorised between styles, countries and what’s new, while weekly specials and the store’s Beer Club offer plenty of chances to save more on orders. It's one of the most user-friendly and easily-navigable online stores we've come across in the craft beer world, while the team has invested significantly in ensuring customers can track their order from store to door too.

If, by some unusual set of circumstances, the website doesn’t stock what you seek, requesting a beer through the site is straightforward. There's also a merch page that goes beyond beer to offer a wide selection of beer glasses, often Belgian in origin – a nation whose beer Craig has long championed. For those unsure of what they're after, Purvis Packs come filled with staff favourites and offer a way for drinkers to explore new beers.

It's a spirit of exploration and education that, almost two decades on from the opening of the first store, shows why the Purvis name has the reputation it does in the world of good booze.

Will Ziebell

Purvis Beer Online
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