Innate Brewers

There could be no better name for the company.

For a start, Innate is a play on words that summarises the WA brewery’s foundations: it was launched by four couples, making the "8" or "eight" of the title. Yet, taken literally, the name also described Innate's ideology, with its owners keen that all of their beers come with an innate Fremantle feel.

“The owners are very much influenced by Fremantle; they all drink there, I live in Freo, and we deal with a lot of pubs in the area,” says brewer Joel Nash, who was brought in by the founders in 2016 to take control of their 1,000 litre brewery and turn out the beers they wanted to drink.

“So it is natural for us to have a Fremantle influence. I guess we’re innately Fremantle.”

You don't have to look far within the growing stable of Innate beers to find evidence of this: there's Freo Draft Pilsner, for example, and the Great Scott American Pale Ale. This collected a silver medal at the Perth Royal Beer Show in 2016 and pays homage to one of the port’s favourite (adopted) sons: AC/DC’s late but great Bon Scott.

Beyond that, Joel says being Freo means other things too: "We’re irreverent, unpretentious, there’s no wank and while we’re passionate about beer we don’t want to take ourselves too seriously.”

As for the eight who started the company, they were keen homebrewers who wanted to step up to commercial production. Since launching in 2015, their beers have appeared with increasing regularity on taps around Perth, with awards success encouraging upgrades and expansion of the brewhouse over time. The co-owners often help in the brewery too, which, despite being based in Spearwood, can still claim to be “Fremantle-inspired” since the suburb is a heartland of the greater port region.

The brewery is set up purely for production; indeed, there's no outward signage to suggest anything exciting is happening inside the industrial unit where former Matso's, Gage Roads, Colonial and Indian Ocean man Joel goes about his business. Well, no outward signage unless you count the Crab Shack banner, a leftover from a previous tenant that inspired Innate's Belgian Black India Pale Ale of the same name.

Having cut their teeth in the world of collaboration in creating a mandarin saison called Confucius Sais with the Belgian Beer Café in 2016, the plan is to explore this area further over time.

“We want to get others involved in our beers but we also want to do some unusual stuff," says Joel. "Throw it out there a bit in terms of style, and see what works.”

Winter 2017 saw Innate go through a rebirth. Many of the existing beers were phased out and new ones brought in – and with them came a bolder new look and dedication to focusing on seasonal and single batch brews.

Ross Lewis

Innate Brewers

23/83 Mell Rd
WA 6163

0402 855 637

Innate Brewers Regulars

Innate Brewers Pale As Bro

Tapped December 1st, 2017
Think kiwi. Think passionfruit. The old Chinese gooseberry tastes of passionfruit so, even before the glass has touched the lips, the taste buds can almost feel the hop influence. Maybe it takes the drinker further into Polynesia than the Shaky Isles but it wouldn’t be surprising to see a native New Zealander enjoying this beer in one hand with a Perky Nana in the other. There's a tropical punch vibe that conjures thoughts of dancing grass skirts on deserted islands. It has a very smooth mouthfeel. This… Read more
NZ Pale Ale
30 IBU

Innate Brewers Perth Pivo

Tapped November 22nd, 2017
Brewer's notes: Underappreciated in the Australian craft beer scene, Pilsner is a versatile and delicious beer style which is great with food and equally as comfortable as a hot summers day throwdown. Our interpretation uses liberal additions of Halletaur Mittlefruth in the boil – which gives the beer a lemony, herbal undercurrent – and a big addition of Galaxy in the whirlpool to provide a pineapple, tropical lift! A firm but clean bitterness braces a subtle malt sweetness perfectly.… Read more
28 IBU

Innate Brewers Watch This Space IIPA

Tapped April 1st, 2017
Brewer's notes: So this IIPA is not in any particular box... It uses a simple malt bill, balanced bitterness, well integrated grog and generous lashings of Chinook, Columbus and Citra! Brewed intermittently throughout the year with a handsome following fanbase.… Read more
Imperial IPA

Innate Brewers Great Scott

Tapped October 1st, 2016
If a Fremantle-orientated brewery was going to pay its respects to one of the town’s most revered characters, the pick would be obvious. The late Bon Scott has a statue right on the waterfront and his legend looms large throughout the old port streets. The local AFL team have adopted AC/DC songs into their game day entertainment. Yet Bon was more of a hard liquor man and it might be a touch surprising to produce an American pale ale in his name considering his Scottish roots. But, like Bon, the… Read more
American Pale Ale
38 IBU

Innate Brewers Specials

Innate Brewers Renegade Red IPA

Tapped March 8th, 2018
For small batch releases, many in the beer world race to embrace the modish, while others use the opportunity to celebrate archetypes of the 30 year journey taken by modern beer. Autumn’s arrival sees Innate Brewers drawing from the latter in releasing a classic red IPA that steers clear of juicy hops. Head brewer Joel Nash is no laggard when it comes to the former, as two recent NEIPAs and a soon to be released XPA prove; however, the Renegade Red IPA offers a moment to pause from the entropy,… Read more
48 IBU

And select WA outlets

Innate Brewers Thunderstruck Australian IPA

Tapped February 6th, 2018
The Australian hop industry has come a long way in the past decade and the team at WA's Innate Brewers is in the mood to celebrate. They've done so with Thunderstruck, an Australian IPA that performs screaming solos and power chords courtesy of a trio of all Australian hops – Galaxy, Vic Secret and Ella – and all Aussie malt. The 50 IBU single batch release is described by head brewer Joel Nash as having “a big pineapple and passionfruit aroma followed by a round and slightly sweet malt profile”.… Read more
Australian IPA
50 IBU

And select WA beer venues

Innate Brewers & Clancy's Mango Unchained

Tapped November 9th, 2017
Besides a snappy beer pun - and who doesn’t like those – Mango Unchained has little in common with Tarantino’s 2012 classic. Where the auteur found bloodlust, violence and dark humour, the WA collaborators find a fruity sweetness and sociability, although both have a mischievous undercurrent – the beer is propelled by a creeping 6.3 percent ABV. Clancy’s team members joined In8 head brewer Joel Nash for the brew day of a beer that later had no less than 30kg of fresh mango cheeks from northwest… Read more
Mango Saison

Pouring at all Clancy's venues

Plus select WA bars and growler filling retailers

Innate Brewers Indian Black Lager

Tapped August 1st, 2017
Brewer's notes: We have taken the Schwarzbier style to another dimension by hopping it liberally with the new American hop out of the Yakima Chief hop farm called Loral. This hop delivers the Old World noble hop characters of dark fruits and earthiness along with the oil content and ‘punch’ of the New World hop varieties! Subtle roastiness and a rich malt palate pair perfectly with dark fruit, herbal and subtle citrus hop notes.… Read more
30 IBU
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