Glass House Brewery

Beer and pizza. It may be one of the greatest pairings of all time. Even if the pizza was average and the beer was mediocre, most of us would still find a way to enjoy it.

So what about when the pizza is a 72 hour ferment traditional Italian style like Nonno used to make, and the the delicious beer range is brewed just metres from where you’re sitting? It means you’re at Glass House Brewery smack bang in the middle of the Sunshine Coast, and you’re in for a treat.

Nestled within a precinct of businesses valuing holistic health and organic produce, Glass House is a brewpub with a classy feel, yet no hint of pretension. While we’ve all come to love our industrial warehouse breweries, there’s a delight in the distinction of this place: a touch of the rustic from the timber pallet-clad walls and the gabled ceiling frame; a hint of sophistication in the black pine bar front and the matte plates laid out neatly on the tables. Everything radiates with warmth, and it’s readily apparent this is far from a beer venue that sees food and genuine hospitality as an afterthought.

To the founders, food is a way of life: brewer Paul Sanders, whose family hails from southern Italy, grew up with his family running Italian restaurants; Simon Michelangeli, whose family is from Tuscany further north, has run food businesses in Melbourne and wanted to see top quality, affordable Italian food available on the Sunshine Coast. And that’s exactly what Glass House offers.

There aren’t many places you could get a sizeable La Porcona pizza with fior di latte, pancetta, red onion and chilli alongside a pizza smothered with roast zucchini, eggplant, capsicum and parsley, and walk away with change from $40. As well as the pizzas, the menu has a variety of appetisers from pizza fritta (strips of puffy fried pizza dough that will blow your mind) through to arancini balls, bruschetta, and antipasto platters; a few traditional salads and pasta dishes; and a fish-of-the-day, a char-grilled chicken, and a scotch fillet steak option for those who are saving their carbs for the beer.

This emphasis on good food in no way detracts from the brewing side of things. Paul is a qualified brewer and beer judge, so Glass House was never going to settle for second-rate beer. They also brought in ex-Brisbane Brewing Co brewer Brendan Chan to help design and brew the beers in the first year of the brewery.

Unlike in many brewpubs, the brewhouse isn’t visible from the main dining area; a couple of fermenters bubbling silently in the corner remind you how close the beer is made, though. But, if you’re interested in seeing the 15hL Spark system, just head out into the beer garden, where you can look through the glass-walled shed at the glorious stainless steel brewing tanks.

While some local drinkers have dived headfirst into the Sunshine Coast’s flourishing craft beer scene, many others are simply after approachable, refreshing beers made for the climate. Glass House’s core range is designed to satisfy both: a mid-strength session ale with English bitter at its core; a hoppy Australian pale ale; an organic saison that’s as quaffable as saisons were always intended to be; and a smooth and flavourful black lager for all seasons.

Add to these a list of rotating special releases including IPAs and sours and you’ve got a lineup that’s equally ready for a sunny afternoon in the beer garden as it is for a slow evening with family and feasting. (There are also growler fills and takeaways available, as well as takeaway pizza, if it’s a Netflix kind of night.)

Anyone who’s driven north from Brisbane knows that the sight of the Glass House Mountains is as good as a signpost that says, “Welcome to the Sunshine Coast. You’ve arrived.”

When you step into this brewery restaurant, you’re greeted with the garden-fresh vibe of a glasshouse, and the knowledge that majestic nature of the Glass House Mountains are on your doorstep. There’s a cold beer in every hand, the savoury aroma of cooking pizza filling your nostrils, and the atmosphere of home.

Honest food, fresh beer, warm surroundings.

Welcome to Glass House Brewery. You’ve arrived.

Mick Wust

Glass House Brewery

12/330 Mons Road
Forest Glen
QLD 4556

(07) 5408 8190
Open Hours

Wed to Sun: 11am to late


By appointment

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Glass House Brewery Regulars

Glass House Brewery Session

Tapped June 23, 2019
Glass House have been producing crowd-pleasing beers at their Sunshine Coast home since late 2018 and, as winter 2019 arrived, starting putting some of them into cans, with Session one of the first. At just 3 percent ABV, it's designed, as the name suggests, with session drinking – or, perhaps, designated drivers – in mind, combining an English ale yeast and Ahtanum hops. It's an American variety favoured by the Glass House brewers and gives the easy-drinking beer a light citrus undertone. Matt… Read more
Session Ale

Glass House Brewery Pale

The modern Australian pale ale has all but become a staple for Aussie breweries, generally featuring the iconic Galaxy in its hop bill. (We can thank Stone & Wood for laying this foundation, in a similar way that Sierra Nevada led the charge on their side of the Pacific.) Glass House’s Pale meets the demand for such a beer, while bearing some distinctions from other variations on the style. One is the impressive level of aroma – you can smell this bad boy from across the table. It’s been… Read more
Australian Pale Ale

Glass House Brewery Organic Saison

In a precinct where the produce is organic, the meat is organic, and even the hair salon is organic, it makes sense for Glass House to serve up an organic beer. Meet the Organic Saison. While some breweries make their saisons hefty, sneaking up to six or seven percent ABV, Glass House was intent on keeping this one down to 4.5 percent ABV. Saisons were originally beers for the farm worker: work hard, get hot and thirsty, have a beer, get back to work. (Try that with a seven percenter, and you might… Read more
Organic Saison

Glass House Brewery Black Lager

You might’ve heard the phrase "a beer for all seasons". How about a beer that’s flexible, and able to shift with the seasons? The idea for Glass House’s Czech-inspired Black Lager is for the recipe to be tweaked, and drift along the flavour spectrum as the weather changes: in summer, it will be a little drier, making it more drinkable in the heat; in winter, it will have more of a malt presence, making it sweeter and fuller for sipping in the cooler months. In all its iterations,… Read more
Dark Lager

Glass House Brewery Specials

Glass House Brewery Red IPA

Tapped March 1, 2019
Light shines through this beer with ruby brilliance, and the firm head boasts its stalwartness. This is not a "knock back a few pints" kind of beer. Drinking this is like drinking tree sap. Like tapping a tree, and drinking what comes out. Like hammering a spile (yes I had to look that up) into a pine tree, catching that dripping resin in a beer glass, and drinking it. As you may have guessed, lovers of piney IPAs will be all over this one. But it’s not a one-trick pony. There’s plenty… Read more
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