Bevy Brewing Co (Lion/Kirin)

As far as brewery sites go, Bevy Brewing Co has a rather enviable one. Located on the banks of the Swan River, and just 100 metres from Optus Stadium – Australia’s third largest sporting arena – it’s got a lot going for it. Easy walking access from Perth’s CBD or by car, train – even boat – it’s a part of the WA capital enjoying increasing growth and energy, so there could hardly be a better place in which to fire up a new brewery.

Now, if it only had an appropriate venue to match its aspirations…

Enter the Camfield. Through a partnership with Lion, this new build, modern behemoth possesses the sort of scale that can be hard to comprehend, especially if your experience of brewery venues has been smaller, brewpub operations.

Named after Western Australia’s third brewery owner, Henry Camfield, who operated from a location very close to the current site, the venue is the one of the Southern Hemisphere’s largest pubs: a staggering 9,000 square metres. Capable of servicing 2,500 punters via its 175 taps and five bars, the Camfield is also one of the biggest sellers of beer by volume in Australia.

To put this in perspective, Bevy’s limited release Red Devil Red IPA – a beer released during the July 2019 visit of Manchester United – completely sold out in just two days: 22 fifty litre kegs, or just shy of 2,000 pints of one beer in 48 hours. More broadly, during its opening year The Camfield sold more than 775,000 beers, with Bevy’s First Lager and Prize Ale – since superseded by the Extra Pale Ale – the third and fourth most popular despite being far less familiar to drinkers than the bigger brand names lining most of the taps.

While it’s easy to get caught up in such stats when dealing with one of Lion’s growing collection of brewpub brands, a collection that also includes Byron Bay Brewery and Eumundi Brewery, there’s another side to the story too. The brewery name references the collective term for the black swans that course the river outside, as well as the West Australian term for a beer.

It’s also a theme with strong links to the state’s brewing history. The now defunct Swan Brewery operated from a high profile site further down the banks of the river from 1879 until 1966, when production moved, before ceasing in WA in 2013. The late Victorian red brick building was eventually redeveloped; however, it remains an iconic totem of beer made for West Australians, especially on the Swan, an endeavour the team at Bevy Brewing Co – led from the off by former Little Creatures man Andy Scade – is keen to reinstate.

The 12-hectolitre kit supports three core range beers and a rotating limited release tap, which, at time of writing, had included an aged Foreign Extra Stout and a modern, tropical XPA. While approachability and sessionability are the aim, each of the beers has subtle details that separate them from their more mainstream tap siblings, often through consideration of the historical context that the Bevy beers now continue.

Extensive research about local brewing and publican history has influenced recipe design through the use of Beechwood smoked malt and an amber-hued take on lager; admittedly, it’s a delicate balance that many thirsty fans may not even notice.

While remaining very much contemporary, Bevy’s considered approach grounds one of WA’s newest beer brands with a respect for the past, in an idyllic location, inside one of the largest pubs in the world. Now that surely deserves a bevy.

Guy Southern

Bevy Brewing Co (Lion/Kirin)

The Camfield
Roger MacKay Drive
WA 6100

(08) 6314 1360
Open Hours

Seven days: 11am to midnight

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Bevy Brewing Co (Lion/Kirin) Regulars

Bevy Brewing Co Extra Pale Ale

Published October 11, 2019
In the five years since beers bearing the name first appeared on these shores, the XPA style has quickly gained momentum among drinkers thanks to its offer of approachability and modernity (pretty much whichever way the brewer has interpreted XPA). Although still a broad style, there’s typically a nod to New World hops and responsible alcohol levels, as is the case with Bevy’s latest offering, although, like its siblings, there is a subtle twist here – toffee malt. The specialty malt's influences… Read more

Bevy Brewing Co First Lager

As an introduction to the Bevy range, many will be surprised to see an amber, rather than golden, lager pouring from the tap. First Lager’s copper, Bock-like appearance was intentional: a means of making a statement about the approachable but craftier leanings of the brewery located inside the expansive Camfield venue – one that would stand out from its more translucent competition on offer across many of the other taps. Smooth, with low bitterness, First Lager is given a wisp of modernity from… Read more
Amber Lager

Bevy Brewing Co Cygnet Mid

Designed in collaboration with the Camfield team, and named after the grey-downed Swan babies that are raised on the river metres from the brewery, Cygnet was quickly welcomed in to the Bevy bevy as drinkers at the Camfield looked for a contemporary mid-strength with flavour. Golden orange in the glass, the mix of Galaxy, Ella and German Amarillo hops imbue pleasant grapefruit and mandarin throughout and, although the bitterness remains low, it’s accentuated by the dry finish. Bevy Cygnet is a… Read more
Hoppy Mid-Strength Pale

Bevy Brewing Co (Lion/Kirin) Specials

Bintani & Friends Flood Relief Pale Ale

Published April 21, 2022
After devastating floods in Queensland and New South Wales brought a lot of destruction, heartbreak and uncertainty to the brewing industry and their communities, the ingredients suppliers at Bintani wanted to do what they could to support those impacted. Joining forces with Shelter Brewing, Wayward Brewing Co, Rocky Ridge Brewing Co, Bevy Brewing Co, Konvoy Kegs and EES Shipping, they brewed a special pale ale as a way to raise more than $30,000 for those in need via Stone & Wood's InGrained… Read more
Pale Ale

Bevy Brewing Co Caboose Juice

Published September 3, 2021
One pub door closes, and another opens – in this case literally in the same spot. Last year’s closure of Perth institution, The Flying Scotsman, offered the opportunity for the Clarke’s Building's southern tenant to go full pupa, ready to reveal itself as The Elford – a now-gleaming version of a once charming boozer atop Beaufort Street in Mt Lawley. It’s new publicans previously partnered with Lion’s Bevy Brewing at The Camfield, a joint venture that brings us to Caboose Juice, a hazy… Read more
Hazy Pale

Available in limited release

From The Elford and Camfield

Bevy With Friends 2021 Collabs

Published March 19, 2021
The Bevy With Friends festival gathered the gang from last year’s debut on the precipice of lockdown for a celebration of local connection and ingredients. Hosted by Bevy head brewer Andy Scade, the troupe of local breweries and distilleries contributed to one of this new quartet, while the Burswood team worked with suppliers around the state for another three, all the while trying to minimise the food miles with each release. Festival Beer In what may be its first WA outing, HPA-033 imparts guava,… Read more
Various Styles
4.5% & 4.8% & 4.2% & 5.8%

Available in limited release at The Camfield

Bevy Brewing WA Harvest Ale & Bevy With Friends Saison

Published March 19, 2020
Two beers debuted at Bevy’s autumn 2020 mini-beerfest, Bevy with Friends, show the creative desire that extends beyond the core offerings that support one of WA’s largest venues, The Camfield. This, of course, will be of no surprise to anyone who tried February’s Mango Masala, which featured thirteen ingredients, many of which were prepared by the venue’s chefs. Here the kitchen is involved once again in creating a uniquely WA harvest ale. The idea was to use all WA ingredients and celebrate… Read more
Honeyed Harvest Ale & Fruited Saison
4.8% & 6.3%

On tap at The Camfield

Bevy Brewing Co Mango Masala

Published February 13, 2020
As Bevy head brewer Andy Scade explains his new Mango Masala ale, I can see the Helvetica t-shirt forming, line by line: "Water, malt, Cryo-Mosaic hops, yeast and … coriander, cinnamon, cumin, toasted coconut, fennel seeds ... amchur, tamarind, mango puree and lime peel." This ain't your average summer crusher, except that it kind of is. Inspired by a two-month holiday in Kerala, a humid state in India's southwest, and guided by assistant brewer Alan Franco who was born in the region,… Read more
Southern Indian Ale

Pouring at The Camfield until it’s not.

Bevy Brewing Co Hooper Pilsner

Published October 15, 2019
“Keller everything, I reckon.” Said with enthusiasm, belief and an endearing Aussie twang, this aphorism encapsulates head brewer Andy Scade’s view of Bevy’s Kellerbier pilsner. Named after a German word for Swan, minus the "W" lest it be confused as a menu item, Hooper pours as close to a kellerbier as any brewery could ask for without being from the actual tank – with that sat only a few metres away, it’s surely payable. Right? Gladfield Pilsner malt provides a malt forward… Read more

Bevy Brewing Co Black Swan Stout

Published July 1, 2019
Unexpected delays in commissioning Bevy's brewery resulted in an equally unexpected limited release – an aged Foreign Extra Stout. Originally brewed for release in Winter 2018, the slow shuffle of regulatory paperwork held Black Swan Stout in tank, meaning it ended up conditioning for a year. It’s a thought that might break the heart of many brewers; however, the regular check-ups from head brewer Andy Scade told him the beer was developing into something increasingly interesting. Like taking… Read more
Foreign Extra Stout