Keg King

Keg King is dedicated to providing high-quality homebrewing and beer dispensing equipment.  

Keg King is an Australian manufacturer of PET kegs and PET fermenters. Keg King also designs and manufactures products for dispensing beverages such as beer, and offers a strong range of refrigeration products for hospitality and home dispensing.

Our products include the new 12-volt Solstice Kegerator, which can be run from a vehicle cigarette lighter socket, solar panels and mains. It can chill 120 litres of liquid and its unique cassette containing all the workings means if there is ever a problem then a simple cassette exchange fixes it on the spot. This makes it environmentally-friendly as this fridge will not end up in landfill.

You can view our full range of products and services here – or get in touch so our knowledgeable staff can help with your enquiry.

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Keg King

48 Smith Road
VIC 3171

0419 306 571
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