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At Beer Fans, any beer you buy comes with a 100% money-back guarantee.

There’s no hard ball questions, you don’t have to send the beer back, we won’t name and shame you!

We simply want you to be as happy as Larry when it comes to sippin’ the tins.

If you don’t like it, you’ll get 100% of your money back.

We think Beer Fans is built different. Here's why.

  • Every order sent directly from the brewer. Which means the shortest distance possible between you and the beers.
  • Buying directly from the brewery makes your purchase more sustainable. Less hands, less worry.
  • Brewers use their own trusted couriers, and you know they can handle their beers.
  • Sharing the same inventory as the brewery gives us access to all limited and rare beers. If they stock it, we’ve got it!
  • You can shop ALL beer merch and accessories from over 100+ breweries in store.
  • You’ll find 30 of the top 50 peer-voted breweries on the one site.
  • You can mix and match beer with beer merch. Shop multiple breweries in one place. Easy as.

Remember legend, you can buy risk free with our 100% cash-back guarantee. We’ll back you up!

Still not convinced? How does FREE beer sound?

Forget the steak knives, we’ve also got free beer! Every month we send out tins to loyal Beer Fans. We aren’t pulling your leg. A free beer. No hidden shipping costs. It’s on the house! That’s 20 bucks in your pocket (beer+shipping) at zero cost to you. This beer shout offer is for the first 99 customers every month.

Did we mention there’s no risk here either? If you’re one of the first 99 customers a month and you take advantage of our “Don’t like it? Don’t pay” 100% money back guarantee you can keep the beer we shouted you. It’s a gift to you for buying your beers through Beer Fans.

Have a browse in store now, grab a trusted favourite and give a new beer a red hot go. You literally have nothing to lose!

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