PakCan - Australian Canning & Packaging

We are a full service mobile canning and in-line labelling solution, saving breweries time and money by providing equipment, expertise, and inventory to get product into cans and retail ready.  

PakCan is principally focused on the provision of mobile canning solutions, 100 case short run options up to 800+ cases per day. Supply of a range of packaging consumables including cans, labels, cartons, and PakTech can carriers is also offered. As a bulk buyer of packaging consumables, PakCan is able to offer competitive prices often unobtainable by individual producers.

To make sure your good beer stays good, we have built in a rigorous quality testing and documentation regime which includes multi stage cleaning and sanitation supported by on-site microbiological testing, can integrity inspections, a product archive library and access to shared reporting.

PakCan - Australian Canning & Packaging
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