Events Twelve Tragic Beers Of Christmas at Fritzenberger (QLD)

Twelve Tragic Beers Of Christmas at Fritzenberger (QLD)
6pm 7 Dec 2017

Get into the Twelvetide spirit when Fritzenberger hosts a dozen beers from a dozen brewers to raise money for charity. 

On Thursday, December 7, you'll be able to join Fritzenberger's brewer and local beer lover The Beer Tragic as the pair present twelve unique and one-off beers from the following brewers...

  • Fritzenberger
  • Brewditos
  • Brisbane Brewing Co
  • Fortitude Brewing
  • No Shoes Brews
  • Brouhaha
  • Aether
  • Semi-Pro
  • White lies
  • Bacchus
  • Newstead
  • Patch

...with $1 from every schooner going to The Smith Family, a charity that helps children from underprivileged homes to have a better Christmas. As well as the drinking profits, they'll also be raffling off beer merch and local beer to boost the fundraising pot.  

The event officially kicks off at 6pm.

Want to know more about Beer Tragic – here's the Beer Nuts feature we did on him.

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