Events Founders and Hawkers Beer Party at The Union (NSW)

Founders and Hawkers Beer Party at The Union (NSW)
12pm 17 Feb, 2018

After a delay clearing Customs, kegs of Founders Brewing Co's Canadian Breakfast Stout (CBS) have made their way into the country, but they won't be around for much longer. 

One of the last places you'll be able to get a taste of the beer is at the Union Hotel Newtown, where they're set to tap their keg – along with five other Founders beers on February 17.

Not content with letting one brewery take over its taps, the Union has also invited Hawkers to the party; they're bringing along six beers too.  

The beers include some relatively new releases alongside some established classics.


  • "CBS" Imperial Stout Brewed with Chocolate and Coffee Aged in Maple Syrup - Bourbon Barrels (11.7%)
  • "Lizard of Koz" Imperial Stout (10.5%)
  • "Sumatra Mountain" Imperial Brown Ale (9%)
  • "DKML" Imperial Malt Liquor (14.2%)
  • "ReDANKulous" Imperial Red IPA (9.5%)
  • "Centennial" IPA (7.2%) 


  • XPA (4.6%)
  • IPA (6.5%)
  • Lager (4.2%)
  • West Coast IPA (7.2%)
  • Pale Ale (5.2%)
  • Stout (5.4%)

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