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Events Wildflower Tasting at Blackhearts & Sparrows (VIC)

Wildflower Tasting at Blackhearts & Sparrows (VIC)
5:30pm 28 Feb, 2018

When Wildflower Brewing & Blending launched in Sydney's west last year, it did so to the delight of wild beer fans across the country. 

Yet, with the brewery's beers often selling out soon after each is released, it isn't always easy to try the full breadth of what Wildflower does.

But Melburnians who want to try a range of the brewery's beers have that option this February, thanks to Blackhearts & Sparrows. 

The booze purveyor's Fitzroy North store will be welcoming the driving force behind the brewery, Topher Boehm, as he hosts a free tasting on February 28.

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